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Core Competency
Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished
Yoju In Motion is an award-winning motion control solution provider with a proven expertise
in research and development of core technology focused on worm gear, worm drive.
Serving in multi-industry applications, by putting a premium on innovation and helping solve tough design problems.
We consistently deliver reliable value and performance with increasingly lighter weight and compact type solutions,
while meeting the stringent quality and performance standards of our customers and industry authorities alike.

Research and innovative developments

With sustainable innovation, we develop advanced technology to solve very specific application requirements with groundbreaking solutions for building transformative technology, offering our customers competitive edges.

Premium Quality

We adhere to the principle of quality first standards in our manufacturing, testing and quality control process, and focus on continuous improvement to optimize product performance. That can reduce the levelized cost and boost customers’ return on investment.

Project Excellence

With 15 years of project experience in solar power tracking system, Aerial Work Platform, Truck Crane, Port、Forestry、Mining Machines and Construction Machinery equipment etc, our technology and system solution helps our customer boost performance and increase reliability in every application environment.

Service & Support

Our leadership team drives Yoju In Motion become the company customer turn to first for motion control solutions while our customer care and technical team offer customized value-added service by 7*24 hour response, online training and field technical support.

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Analysis of the development status and development trend of China's mechanical transmission parts industry

1. Product introduction of mechanical transmission parts Mechanical transmission parts are important basic parts in mechanical products

Domestically Produced Mechanical Transmission Parts Are Not Limited To The Domestic Market, And The Global Product Market Demand Growth

In recent years, the rapid development of my country's petroleum, shipbuilding, automotive, air-conditioning and other industries

Damage Repair Of Slewing Ring

Slewing bearing is a kind of bearing type that is widely used. It is also getting bigger and bigger, so there are more and more problems in the daily maintenance and repair of slewing bearings.

How to deal with why the slewing bearing is damaged, look here!

1. Damage to the slewing ring In various construction machinery such as truck cranes and excavators, the slewing bearing is an important component that transmits the axial load